Vera Sidika Blames Her Ex Boyfriend After Her Nudde Picture Leaked On Instagram (Photos)


Someone leaked Vera Sidika’s Nudde photo, and the Kenya socialite has accused her ex boyfriend, OriYomi Johnson, of being the mind behind it.

It all started when a Kenyan blog published the photo alleging that it was Yomi who leaked the photo in revenge, and this comes after Vera left him for another rich Nigerian man.

Writing on her Instagram today, Vera corroborated the blog’s claims, saying that Yomi had threatened to hurt her after she ended their relationship.

Here’s what she posted:

The Kenyan also shared screenshots of her last chats with the Dubai-based Nigerian, where he allegedly promised to ruin her image for daring to leave him.

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We earlier reported that Yomi is already dating a South African socialite called Kaygee, while Vera visited Lagos days ago to be with her new boyfriend. Yesterday, the Kenyan socialite left Lagos for the United States, and hours after, her Nudde photos were leaked. And she believed Yomi is the mind behind it.

However, Yomi denies leaking any of her photos. The Nigerian businessman has gone on Vera Sidika’s Instagram, challenging her to make a screenshot of place where she sent him such Nudde photo.

“Your definitely making up these stories Vera cause you  and I never shared Nudde pic all along,” said Yomi who uses the Instagram handle @Advancedplaymaker. He added, “And since we both have our chat from the start, munch where you sent me this particular pic.”

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The public call out is gathering storm on Vera’s Instagram page. While many fans are bashing the Yomi for allegedly leaking the said photo, the Nigerian still insists he never received her Nudde photo and he immediately went to her inbox to tongue-lash her.

Vera has made screenshots of the direct message and shared with her followers. She also accuses Yomi of dealing in fraudulent activities in Dubai.

“This is the problem. When u deal with someone that lies for a living. creating fake documents, fake cheques, lie to old women, photoshop paperwork and texts. This is what happens. All he does is lie. He sent me DM just now claiming he doesn’t have my Nudde. Like wtf. Why u gotta lie 😒 ,” she said, adding, “When i was dating him I brought it to IG. Now that he chose to do this I brought it back to where it started IG. So cut it!”

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See her notes:

See the chats where he allegedly threatened to ruin her image:

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