Glo Free Browsing And Downloading On Pc Using Betagol Vpn


Most users are enjoying Glo free browsing and downloading on phone using UC mini handler, Tweakware Vpn and psiohon. BetaGol VPN lets you enjoy the latest and currently Glo free browsing with your PC. There is nothing much to say about it besides the fact that it was made the Tweakware crew. It is a free software, but in other to get the most out of it, it is recommended that you buy a Tweakware premium account which goes for ₦500.
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With This, you are in for unlimited and browsing and downloads plus unrestricted access to any website in the world. It is easy to configure. Just need to follow these guidelines below and you’re in for unlimited and unrestricted free browsing, streaming and download for the whole month.

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1. Download the free VPN
BetaGol VPN Exe Download

2. Download Java Runtime from here or skip downloading it if it’s already installed in your PC

3. Install the second software first, then open the first software like you would open any file. It doesn’t need installation.
4. You need a premium Tweakware Account which costs ₦500 (you can get a premium account from our Tweakware Reseller Whatsapp (+2348130622576)

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5. Upon completion of payments and registration, you’ll be assigned a unique user name and password.

6. In the VPN window as seen in the screenshot above, input your username and password.

7. Plug your modem with your Glo 3G sim inside and make sure it is configured properly with default Glo settings.

8. Configure your LAN Settings of your PC using this and 8080 as port just as seen in the screenshot below
{filename}-Glo Free Browsing And Downloading On Pc Using Betagol Vpn

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9. Configure your browsers and IDM with the same IP address and Port.

10. Finally, hit the connect button and then wait for the VPN to intercept the connection

And that’s how you can use Glo to browse and download free with BetaGol VPN. The time of the connection may vary depending on your location, so exercise some patience, like 5-15 seconds. I have not used this on Glo 4G sims, but you are welcomed to try and see it it’ll work for you. Don’t forget to share your testimonies


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