Latest August 2016 Psiphon Pro Lite Cheat For Free Browsing On Glo


There have been rumors that the Glo Free Browsing with Psiphon pro lite has stopped but a good friend of mine shared these settings and its still working even this month. Hence, it’s one of the Latest free browsing cheats for August 2016!
Am just going to share the settings with you and you can fix it up and try to fire it on.
Good luck with it cos am not using Glo so i didn’t test it!
Its the Glo 0.0kb cheat you know

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How To Browse and download Unlimited With Psiphon Pro Lite Handler On Glo sim

Step 1.
Change your apn setting as seen on the screen shot below.

*APN: glofalt
*Proxy:10. 100. 98. 22
*Port: 8080
*APN type: Default

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* Username and password leave it empty

Step 2.
Download and install Psiphon pro lite ready for the glo 0.0kb free trick!
Download Psiphon pro lite Here

Step 3. Configure your Psiphon Pro lite with this working settings

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*Front query:[email protected]
*Proxy type:Real host
*Tick on “remove port”
*Proxy server:[email protected]
*Real proxy type: HTTP
*Real Proxy server:
*Real proxy port: 8080

Connect your Psiphon and start surfing for free…
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