Solution To Glo Unlimited Pronet Slow Browsing & frequent Disconnection


I decided to create a solution to Glo slow
browsing & Always Disconnecting
Problem..See Screenshots below On how
you can connect and browse unlimited
without any issue…

NOTE: Well this is a straight forward method for easy understanding BUT will advice you if you are not use to this cheat or familiar with this cheat please don’t continue till you start having errors and doubt if it works or not because it an updated working cheat!

Image - NW

Image - NW

Image - NW

Image - NW

Image - NW

Image - NW

You can Download Pro net handler.

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Use Glo Secure don’t use Gloflat APN,
because it might lead to frequent
disconnecting every seconds

APN: Glo secure

Leave others empty
But if its disconnecting add:

Port: 8080

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follow Screen Shot Above for the Pro net
handler settings & Connect it .


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