STORY: The University Prestos…Part 1


Me: wow, I finally got an admission into that said indigenous university. Well I hope it treat me nice unlike the way it treats others.

My name is Milly. Milly brandez I am 23 years old and I come from a filthily rich family. As you can see I have gotten an admission and this is how and where my story began.

Me: hey my name is Milly and I am your roommate (hoping to get a handshake but was turned down)
Belinda: nice to meet you.(she weighed me with her eyes and left the doorpost to her bed).

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Me: (I didn’t like her one bit because she looked rugged and more like a proustite) is it the two of us or are there still others?
Belinda: you waited here before I came in or were you talking to the walls? So I would appreciate it if you just shut up and wait to see for yourself. This is a room and not who wants to be a millionaire hot seat. So stop questioning me like i am your answering machine!.
Me: well I am sorry(I felt like slapping her makeover fave but nah it was just my first day).

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To Be Continued



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