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If you’re looking for or you’re in search of where to get Bollywood movies, application, and games. They are many platforms which have these files on their web platform. All you need to do is to visit the website and select the file of your choice to download into your mobile device or PC. One of these many platforms is where you can download all for your mobile devices.

Likewap is a web platform that enables its users to get apps, games, videos, music, and movies of their choice. The web platform makes sure that the entertainment needs of its users are met. So all the user have to do is to visit the web platform then browse through the system page and select and download what he/she wants to their mobile device.

The web platform of is very easy to use and is compatible with mobile phones browsers. The web platform of can be accessed with major web browsers of mobile devices or PC. So all you have to do is to make sure you have an internet connected mobile device or PC to be able to make use of the web platform well.

Contents On Likewap

The web page of has many amazing features which make users easily navigate through it in time of use. The features are.

  • Home.
  • MP3 Songs.
  • Mobile Videos.
  • Ringtones.
  • Movies.
  • Games.
  • Applications.
  • Animations.

Users in search of a file to download in Should try as much as possible to enter the right place where the file is located.


This is likewap home page section where you can see all the categories on the web portal. The home menu is usually located on the main menu section on web platform in respective of what device you are using. It has some sub-menu under it. The sub menus are.

  • Latest Updates.
  • Coming Soon.
  • Categories.
  • Services.

Each of these sub menus contains files which a user might want to download. So this reduces the stress taken to find the file. By he or she simply clicking on the file which is found under any of the sub menus in the likewap. web platform’s home page.

Latest Updates

Newly uploaded files are listed under this sub menu. Users can click on any of the files to download to their mobile device or PC.

Coming Soon

Files such as movies, music’s and games that are yet to be uploaded. But will soon be released on the site for users to get are shown under this sub menu.


This sub menu contains categorized movies, videos, games, music’s, animations and application. These files are categorized in such a way that a user on likewap will be able to click on any of them to get the file of their choice. As long as they know where the file is categorized under.

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Users who make use of likewap can make use of different services rendered by the web platform. The service is, users can make their name ringtone by clicking on the Your Name Ringtone option. users can check scores of ongoing or ended cricket matches when they click on the Live Cricket Score.

Users can make use of the love calculator app in the web platform, by clicking on Love Meter option. They can contact the support system of the web platform by clicking on the Your Request option. Top downloaded files likewapweb platform can be seen when you click on the Top Downloaded Files option. The location of where you’re using your mobile phone to access the web platform can be known by simply clicking on the Your Ip Address. All these are options under the Service sub-menu in the home page that users can get to enjoy.

MP3 Songs

Songs of different genres can be gotten from this menu. The menu contains different groups of music. Users in search of music should click on this menu to select and get the music of their choice.

Mobile Videos

Users in search of short videos clips to download can click on this menu from the home page Different categories of videos are on this menu, so all that users in search of videos have to do is to click on this menu from the web platform’s home page. Then select the category of video of their choice to download from.


Users in search of ringtones for their respective mobile devices should click the Ringtone menu. This menu contains different categories of ringtones which a user can select to download from. So all the users in search of ringtones should do is to click on the Ringtones menu which is found on the likewap web page.


Movie lovers that visit the web platform in search of movies to get should check the movies menu. This menu contains different categories of movies which the user can select to download from. So for the user to get the movie of their choice on web platform’s home page. He or she has to click on the movies menu to select and download the movie of their choice.


Android, Symbian, and Java mobile device users in search where to get games should check the games menu on the web platform’s home page. This menu contains different categorized games for mobile devices. All the user in search of games for their mobile device have to do is to click on the games menu in the web platform’s home page. Then select the game of their choice which is compatible with their mobile device.

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Users in search of where to get apps for their mobile devices should click and enter the applications menu found on the web platform’s home page. This menu contains many apps that users can use on their Java, Symbian and Android mobile devices. So all the users in search of apps have to do is to click on the applications menu on the web platform’s home page. Then select and download the app he or she likes on their mobile device.


Users in search of files to design and beautify their mobile devices should click on the animation menu which is found on the home page on likewap web portal. This menu contains different categories of wallpapers, themes, pictures and screen savers that the user gets to select and download from.

How To Download on

The steps on how to download a file from are very easy.

  1. All the user has to do is make sure have an internet connected mobile device.
  2. Open the website on their mobile device or PC web browser.
  3. Select the menu in the web platform where the file they want to download to the mobile device is located.
  4. Once the file is seen, click on it.
  5. Tap the download button in the file’s download page.

An alternative way is to make use of the search option to easily find the file they want to download. The steps are.

  1. Open the web platform on your mobile device or PC web browser.
  2. Use the search option to search for the file to download. This is found under the lists of menu section in the web platforms home page.
  3. Type the name of the file you want to download. This should be entered in the required field.
  4. Click the search button.
  5. Enter the result gotten from the search. This would be the file he or she wants to download.
  6. Tap the download button.

The file will be successfully downloaded to your device once you’ve followed the above steps


If the file is a picture, music or video file. The users should select the format that best suits their device then hit the download button.

Conclusion as said earlier is a very easy to navigate web platform. New users will be able to make use of it without having an issue. So users of mobile device or PC out there in search of a web platform where they can get apps and media files for their mobile device. Should make use of the web platform.

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