Download Airtel Free 3G Internet Opera Mini and Enjoy Free Airtel Internet

Hi friends, Today we are sharing a new airtel 3g internet trick. Which is based on proxy and free servers. Follow the below simple steps and enjoy free airtel 3g internet on your android phone. this trick is only for android users. And working in December 2016 with high-speed. You can use this airtel free 3g internet for unlimited browsing and downloading.
labels: splwap free internet airtel


1. First download airtel free 3g internet emulated opera mini from here or mirror link
2. Now go to phone Settings>>Network settings>>Mobile Networks>>access points and create a new internet [apn settings] settings as follows
Name: Airtel Opera Mini 3g trick realwaparz
Proxy: [try first] or or
Port: 80
Apn: [try this first]  or
3. Now save settings and install opera mini downloaded from above
4. Now use free unlimited free 3g internet on airtel with airtel free 3g opera mini [android]
Note – Maintain balance below 30 Paisa, restart your phone after creating new apn [if trick not worked]
I hope that you got free 3g internet data on your airtel free 3g opera. for more tricks and tips, keep visiting, For any queries comment below.

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