Download New Twerkit Tweakwarered Vpn.apk For Free Browsing Cheat On Mtn Glo Etisalat & Airtel

Dzebb has modded yet another VPN called TweakwareRed Mod. This VPN is similar to the Tweakware Mod we know. The only difference between TweakwareRed Mod and Tweakware Mod is just the redesigned user interface, the new Red CSS and no prompt to input any Childlock code unlike Tweakware Mod that prompt for Childlock code.

TweakwareRed is a new modded VPN with Handler user interface (UI) that allows you to manually configure your free browsing cheat, also there is no limit on how many data you can use with the VPN unlike Tweakware that is already pre-configured with Bundle settings and limited to 300MB for free Account users. You don’t need to subscribe for a premium account before you can be able to use all the servers in TweakwareRed.

You can easily configure this VPN only if you have a working proxy server. The available free browsing cheats that are working now is, Glo 0.00 and Etisalat 0.00 but this Etisalat cheat has a limit of 60MB daily. You just need to follow the same settings i gave for these free browsing cheats to setup this TweakwareRed VPN.

TweakwareRed is also known as Twerkit. The name “TweakwareRed” is formed because of its Red CSS User interface. The app has all the features seen on tweakware and Psiphon.



  1. It is slightly stable and faster than other VPN
  2. There are 8 different locations / regions such as United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Germany, Singapore, Netherlands, China
  3. It adopts the same handler menu with Psiphon vpn
  4. It has a very beautiful User Interface (UI)
  5. It is easy to configure and setup
  6. It is a lite app which doesn’t eat up phone memory and RAM

Download Twerkit TweakwareRed VPN Here
Enjoy! If you have any problem, I’m here to put you through, kindly use the comment box below and don’t forget to share this post using the share buttons below.

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