Etisalat And Glo Started Working Properly On Stark Vpn 4.0


Recently, there have been some bugs affecting the connection of Etisalat and Glo free browsing on the most popular VPNs called Stark and Tweakware but luckily, Stark VPN was able to resolve the issue and the latest version (4.0) was the one who did the job.


I updated my Stark VPN and discovered that the Etisalat and Glo has once again connected without any issue but rather, powering all applications and the Etisalat streaming videos as well even as it is not enough to perform that task.

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There are a lot of features the new version has brought to us and they are one of the most anticipating features everyone needs from the popular VPN. The list is right here.

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Features Of Latest Stark VPN 4.0 Version

It doesn’t consume a lot of RAM.
It is battery friendly.
It has a secured information and your information is intact.
It supports compression.
You have pre-configured or already made proxy servers.
You can change your location.
It is torrent friendly.
You have the ability to use unlimited data only when the free browsing settings us unlimited. No restriction.
It is easy and simple to use and handle.

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Where To Download Stark VPN 4.0 Version

It is easy and simple to download. As I said earlier that the version comes with a lot of fix for bugs, you will definitely enjoy it. You can download the Stark VPN 4.0 version by clicking here



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