Has Etisalat Bb10 Cheat Stopped Working? You Never Jam Tweakware Vpn 2.9

Is Etisalat BB10 cheat still working?
simple answer to this question is NO! Some guys have been carrying some rumors about the dlite bb10 cheat but the truth is, to stay on top your game here, you need to be super dynamic and this is how you are going to continue enjoying the free browsing! you only need a new VPN app: tweakwarevpn vs 2.9

I won’t be saying much about this cheat as we already know what it is and how it works. Just download tweak ware VPN 2.9 from the link below and start flexing! You can download the latest version of tweakware vpn 2.9 or here.
After downloading that, subscribe to the BB10 data plans

How To Subscribe For Etisalat BB10 Data Plans

For Daily Sub Text Dlite to 399 cost N70
For Weekly Sub Text Wlite to 399 cost N350
For Monthly Sub Text Mlite to 399 cost N1000

How to set up tweak ware VPN vs 2.9 for android free browsing!

  1. Install the downloaded tweakware vpn on your android phone with the link above
  2. choose Netherland or any server location of your choice
  3. Go to settings and Click on bundle settings
  4. Select bundle settings
  5. Choose Etisalat BB10
  6. Launch tweakware vpn and hit the connect button.

Enjoy it while it last.

Getting more from Etisalat Free browsing?

Wanna resubscribe to this plan after exhausting your data? you may need to deactivate it first with this code
To deactivate Etisalat BB10 Plan Dial *399*2#

Why i Like tweakware VPN vs 2.9

There are a number of reasons why i like the cool VPN app.
first off, it already has everything set for you. all you have to do is to choose and connect, unlike the Psiphon where you need to start setting from the beginning when you download it.

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