How To Get Mtn Surprise Free Airtime Bonus & Cheap Data Offer

That has many definitions and it largely depends on where you are looking at it from! But I think mtn surprise is just a way to up the experience of users on the mtn network through free bonus airtime, cheap data and maybe free calls too. To say that Mtn surprise has surprised me is a lie because there’s nothing too special about it. So don’t think too big of it. It’s just a normal array of mtn freebies, data, airtime and likes of it.

We will be looking at all the mtn Surprise packages there is at the moment and see how we can equally benefit from them. First off, we are going to look at the data plans that comes with the mtn surprise offer.

2 unique data plans came with mtn surprise data offer and These two data bundles give you a more affordable data option for your smartphone. than the previous packages.

How subscribe for MTN surprise data plans and get affordable data at a token?

1. MTN 1.3GB for N1,000 Data Plan

This plan is one of the cheap data plans that goes for 1000 naira only and you can subscribe to it by Sending 106 to 131

2. MTN 3.75GB for N2,000 Surprise data plan
This one has been recently upgraded to 2000 naira for 4gb
You can get the 3.75gb data by Sending 110 to 131 and it will be activated

That’s only half of the story of Mtn surprise .

There is more to that than we have seen. Let’s have a look at the Surprise Bonus Recharge weekend promo. This one gives you free airtime credit as a bonus when you recharge only on weekends.

Again, there is nothing so special about this bonus, just like the bonus you get on Mtn Betatalk just hoping for the sake of anyone going for this that it’s actually better and lasts longer because that Betatalk is a cheat!

How the bonus Credit works

But the bonus airtime which mtn gives you can only be used for local calls meaning that you can’t use it to subscribe and you can’t make international calls with it.

When can I get the Mtn surprise credit bonus offer for free calls during the weekend?
Now, this is one trick people use to get free airtime to call people during the weekends.

How to get MTN Recharge Bonus on Weekends
Simply open your dial pad and dial *888*PIN#
the PIN is where your vouchers/recharge card pin should go so in the end, it’ll be like *888*657262536485#

Note: if you recharge with the normal *555*PIN# recharge code, you won’t get anything

How to Check MTN weekend Bonus Credit balance

Dial *889# to know how much that’s remaining of the surprise bonus you received from Mtn!
The only problem with this cool mtn offer is that it doesn’t last beyond the weekend , even the Betatalk bonus lasts for 3 days . But it’s a bonus, so it remains so.

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