STORY: Daughter Of A Beggar Part 2

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The other gangs of touts are busy harassing the other bus
drivers and conductors stopping at the bus stop. Once they
collect the illegal fees or levies, they let the buses go and return
to their corners at the bus stop or under the flyover. They spend
some of their earnings on their addictions such as taking hard
drugs, smoking cigarette or hemp, drinking alcoholic drinks and
other beverages, patronizing the street girl-child prostitutes and
other lusts of the flesh. Sule gives some of his earnings to
Hadiyat and her family, jokingly telling them that he is paying
the bride price of Hadiyat. Her parents will smile and pretend to
appreciate his generosity, but they will sneer and curse him as
he turns his attention away from them. “The infidel. Bastard!”

Hadiyat’s father always curses him and the other Arab beggars
also despise the touts, except their bosses who profess the
same faith of Islam with them.

Hadiyat comes to accost the buses dropping and picking up
passengers at the bus stop and Sule sees the opportunity to
display his gallantry to impress his fellow touts and others
around. He goes to her and calls her “My beautiful white wife.”

His buddies hail him. Others jeer and wave his claim off in
dismissal, saying that the Arabs don’t give their beautiful
daughters away to strangers and non-Arabs. Because, they’re
racist in inclination and their Islamic religion forbids them to
intermarry with “infidels”. But, Sule’s buddies say that Sule has
no other intentions, except to sleep with Hadiyat for the thrill of
it and boast about it. And they are sure that he will sooner or
later do so. And those who agreed cross their fingers with those
who disagreed in a bet. Sule says that he has not been giving
her money for nothing. That he will reap wherever he sows. And
at this point he playfully pats Hadiyat’s bottom. She frowns and
slaps his offensive hand off. And she warns him not to do so
again. But he laughs at her warning and begins to dance like a
clown as he goes on with his work shamelessly. His buddies
join him in the comical dance and mimic their favourite native
Yoruba songs. Many onlookers find them amusing, but others
sneer at them calling them names such as “No future ambition,
alias NFA.”

Later in the night, the bus stop is becoming calm, as the number
of commuters has reduced with the bus drivers and conductors
all leaving for their respective homes or elsewhere at the close
of work. The traders are also packing up their goods and the
beggars are retreating to their sleeping places nearby under the
flyover or somewhere else they have chosen to pass the night.

Hadiyat and her family live in a makeshift shack under the
flyover. Sule often passes the night in any of the minibuses
parked under the flyover left in his care by the owners or
caretakers. Inside these buses, touts often sleep with their
girlfriends or girl-child prostitutes and Sule has been planning to
sleep with Hadiyat inside one of them anytime the opportunity
comes his way. He has been inviting her, but she has not
succumbed to his advances.

To Be Continued…

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