List Of Paying Bitcoin Faucet

Here are the list of legit and paying faucet.The payment is automatic into your micro wallet known as coinpot.once you reach the minimum threshold of 0.0001BTC you can transfer your fund to any wallet you wish.if you have 0.0005BTC,transaction fees will not be deducted.

Your earning from this faucet sites are added up to one earning on benefit of coinpot is that you can convert your bitcoin to litecoin,ethereum and dogecoin.

First register coinpot here CoinPot | Cryptocurrency microwallet

So let get started with the list.

1.Bit fun: this is a faucet site where you can claim free satoshi minimum every 3minutes and maximum of every hours i.e after one hours of your last claim it will stop dipping satoshi for you just like moonbitcoin faucet. You can register here Bit Fun once you claim your earning is instantly into your coinpot account.

2.Bonus bitcoin:Bonus bitcoin is a faucet site where you earn satoshi every 15minute and payment is instantly in your coinpot can start earning here Bonus Bitcoin

3.Moon bitcoin: you can claim your satoshi every 5minute on this site and payment will be done instantly to your here to register
Moon Bitcoin

4.Moonlitecoin: The admin of this site is the same as moonbitcoin but you are reward with litecoin instead.just input your coinpot email address to start earning
Here Moon Litecoin

5.moondogecoin:This is the same as moonlitecoin and moonbitcoin but you are reward doge instead. Just input your coinpot email to register Moon Dogecoin

Note you can convert doge and litcoin into bitcoin with coinpot.

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