Donation Hub & Twinkas, Are They The Most Trusted P2p Sites For Now?


I was in IMSU today and I met a lady drafting out something on paper for another guy.

I haven’t invested in any of these platforms but my very good friend is using Twinkas and my own brother is using Donation Hub alongside so many other people who I know very well are into both platforms!

Now the juicy side of it all is that… I haven’t received a bad report from anyone about these two sites.
Although I have seen people here on complaining that Twinkas is being slow with matching but it will always end up with smiles anyway because they don’t press the issue.

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My verdict on Donation hub & Twinkas
This has led me to thinking about Twinkas and Donation hub. Perhaps they are the best platforms for one to invest his/her money now.

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What’s your say about both Sites?
Please if you have any negative experiences with any of them, share them here so we can make guided decisions. Thanks


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