What I Learnt About Forex Trading In 10 Hours

I  picked up interest in Forex trading few weeks ago when someone called my brother over the phone inviting him into Forex trading.

Then again, I went to bank & met someone who has some experience about Forex trading + other things I have been hearing about the business.

Well, I picked interest in it and decided to do some research. I have been doing this among other things for the past 10 hours and I can say that I’ve learnt a number of things which I’ll love to share with anyone like me trying to get into Forex trading!

This may sound silly to some of us but as its coming from someone who’s just known about it for about 10 hours, it’s going to be
– a lesson for newbies
– amusing to masters.

What I Learnt about Forex in 10 hours

1. Don’t Start Until you’ve gained some Good knowledge

Yeah, coming from a dark guy that made a 7 minutes video.
You should not start any tradings until you’ve acquired some good knowledge about how it works!

It’s kind of normal to gain good knowledge before venturing into any business but with Forex it’s a little above just that because it’s proven to be a necessity. Wanna Make money via Forex trading, don’t rush into it. Take your time and learn before you do!

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