Microhash Review – Get Free Mining Power And Earn Up To $1032.00 Everyday

Screenshot_2017-08-09-05-44-31.png-Microhash Review – Get Free Mining Power And Earn Up To $1032.00 Everyday

Microhash.net, is it a scam or paying? The following review will serve as a reference to help you make a decision whether to invest or not.

Microhash.net Payment Status: PAYING

Microhash.net Review

Microhash investment plans are 10% profit per day, 70% profit per week, 300% profit per month and 3650% profit per year. The minimum investment is 50 KH/s worth $6. The affiliate commission is 6% on the first level”


If Microhash were a scam, then we would have known it before now. Microhash.net has been online since July 22, 2017, and we are yet to hear anyone complaining about its mode of operation. It has come in a grand style, possessing up to 100.000 GH/s datacenter power located in Russia, China and India. Out of this, only 4.231 GH/s is currently being used so you can see that even though it is doing well at the moment, you can expect much more in the near future.

The company can currently boast of having more than 46,523 investors who have received over 19.464 BTC as profits since it started. These values are nothing close to the real worth of Microhash Limited because the company has been working hard on its investments since it was born in the year 2004. It is a gradual process anyway, and sooner than later, they will be counting investors in hundreds of thousands and payouts will be running in tens of bitcoins and more.

Microhash has a team of experts in bitcoin mining. The team works with another set of Microhash workers who are experienced consultants in the financial markets. Microhash Limited is a well known company in the UK. It is a legal entity and has a certificate of incorporation that bears the number, 10858611.

Microhash Overview

Apart from investments, Microhash.net provides the current exchange rate between the bitcoin and the dollar. The site was made to be simple so that even if anyone has not used such a site before, it would still be possible to make a deposit without any form of assistance. What is more astonishing about it is the speed at which the website pages open when the links are clicked. They are proud to host their website on a server that guarantees this speed. As for uptime capacity, we have observed and concluded that it could well be over 99%.

Microhash limited wants every investor to know what it can offer before participating. That is why it has provided a calculator chart on the pricing page where you can test different amounts to see their profitability. Simply enter the mining power you can buy and you will be told how much it costs and how much profit you can earn from it on a daily and weekly basis.

Account creation is free. You can do that through the login/sign up link located on the top left hand side.

Microhash Benefits

A chance to grow your bitcoins effortlessly

Before bitcoins start being accepted in the banks (if it will ever be), mining is one sure way to grow your bitcoins. With Microhash.net, you don’t have to do any other thing apart from buying a mining power and trusting the experts to do the rest. You can be assured that you will receive your first benefit and other subsequent ones every 24 hours.

Breakeven in 10 days

It will take only 10 days for you to realize your starting capital assuming you invest the smallest allowable amount. Higher deposits attract more benefits every day so you are most likely going to have the value of your principal in fewer days. The lowest purchase of mining power allowed on Microhash is 50KH/s. Since the cost of 1 KH/s for this quantity is fixed at 0.12 USD, you will be paying only 6.00 USD for the investment. Your daily profit will be 10% (that is 0.60 USD) so that in ten days, you would have gotten back your 6 USD. The more you buy mining powers, the more you earn and the fewer the days to break even.

Earn Forever

You will never be asked to buy another mining power to continue earning because your mining power is like a fixed asset in the company. Immediately after making a deposit, Microhash uses the funds to purchase an instrument to boost mining. That is why you will continue to be paid royalty as long the company is still in operation.

No fees

You are not going to be charged any fees for withdrawal or deposit. As a matter of fact, you are free to withdraw your benefits anyhow you like.

Automatic Withdrawals

Your profits locate their way to your bitcoin wallet the same moment you command them to leave your Microhash account. Since website accessibility is guaranteed by up to 99%, you are very certain that you can do this anytime of the day.

Free Mining Deposit

Every new user is entitled to 10KH/s free. This is equivalent to a free 1.20 USD on the investment platform. This free mining deposit can receive interest after the user makes a deposit for at least 50 KH/s. Profits from the free mining power can be withdrawn without paying any fees.

Referral Commission

Affiliates can earn 10% and more when they campaign for Microhash.net using their referral links. This commission is an accumulation of what the site offers at three distinct levels as follows:

  • Level 1—6% per deposit
  • Level 2—2.5% per deposit
  • Level 3—1.5% per deposit

This means that even if you decide to be lazy after referring your first set of audience, you are still eligible to earn up to 4% from depositors’ funds.

Fast-lane Profit Making

If you have dreamed of being rich overnight, Microhash can give you something close to that. With its 10% daily profit for the minutest deposit and up to 16.67% for buying much more, you can dream of becoming the next millionaire in less than a month.

Secured and Protected

Everybody wants to be in a place where their money is safe. Microhash has done everything possible to keep investors’ funds very safe. They have the Comodo SSL certificate, Kaspersky, Amazon web services, Verisign and DDOS protection.

Non-stop Interests

This means you are getting your profits every day, including the weekends. You can calculate your interest by 365 days of the year to know how rich you can become in the next one year.


Microhash should live forever because it has the capacity to bless the lives of men. If anyone has nothing to do with 6.0 USD, then it will be better for the one to invest it on this site. Such an amount could easily be spent on drinks, but instead of that, one should think about the future and ways to improve the standard of living.


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