5 Stubborn Football Stars Who Are Always Ready For A Fight On The Pitch

Football is the only medium whereby people of different backgrounds and culture will come together and speak one voice in the interest of the club they support.

The game can be classified into three major categories which is win, draw or lose, but there are some players who have no business with all these three as they would always find it difficult to control their level of annoyance even when their club is winning.

Here we take a look at some players who finds it difficult to control their tempers.

1. Gennaro Gattuso

Gattuso is a former Italian International who was very tough as at the time playing football as his football career was full of controversies and disputes.

Gattuso in a scuffle with a former Milan coach

He is one of the players who cannot control his temper on the field of play and it has caused him a lot of misfortunes during his playing days.

In september 2003 during the UEFA Champions League group stage,  Gattuso was sent off during the second half injury time after slapping the then Ajax striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the face. Also on February 15 2011, Gattuso pushed else Tottenham coach Joe Jordan away by the throat during an incident on the sideline.

2. Mario Balotelli

Balotelli is an Italian professional football star who was born on August 12 1990, and plays as a striker, and he is also one of the players who is aggressive on the field of play as hardly would you see him laugh even after scoring.

Balotelli’s anger knows no bound as it would be recalled how he had burst up with Coach Roberto Mancini then at Manchester City.

The coach told Balotelli to leave the training pitch after having a tussle with Sinclair but the Italian striker refused to leave the field.

Balotelli in action for Nice

3. Diego Costa

Costa is a professional footballer who currently plays for English side Chelsea, but his attitude of being stubborn on the field of play has seen him been criticised and punished for several confrontations with opponents.

When Arsenal and Chelsea played, Costa and Arsenal defender Gabriel were involved in a tussle in which the ladder was sent off.

Diego Costa fights with everyone including referees

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CV1BiyHcEyw]

4. Eric Cantona

Cantona was born on May 24, 1966 in Marseille, France and he was one of the greatest players to have played football in the 1990s, but his aggressiveness on the field of play knows no one.

Cantona goes kung fu against a fan

The player’s football career was full of controversies as he ended his career at Manchester United where he won four Premier League titles in five years and two League and FA Cup doubles.

5. Roy Keane

The former Manchester United player would ever be remembered for the burst up he had with former Arsenal captain Patrick Vierra at highbury in 2005. Keane is another player who cannot control his temper on the field of play.

Roy Keane


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