5 Things To Do When You Get A New Smartphone

If you recently just got your dream phone, am sure you are excited and cannot wait to start exploring. But, i will implore you quickly to do these 5 things before you get you launch your new device to the fullest.

5 Things To Do When You Get A New Smartphone

  • Configure/Set-up A Phone Tracker:  Just like how you would probably install one on a new car,most people overlook the idea of installing a tracker on their phones, we store almost all kind of information on our phones,from media to credit card details to contact info e.t.c It is imperative that you take some minutes to set up a tracker,so It is easier to have control of your phone even when it is stolen,misplaced or simply missing. Most trackers usually come with other useful functions apart from just the tracking. Functions like remote wipe,find my phone and device information. There are a lot of such apps on the Android store, but I personally prefer the android device manager.
  • Get A Nice Phone Case/Pouch: Not only does this add to the beauty(that’s supposing you pick up a nice one) it also helps to protect it from physical damage. The almost inevitable everyday fall and scratches. Getting a nice and light-weight case is usually a good start. Be careful not to select heavy and bulky cases as they can end up ruining your battery due to overheating and may have trouble fitting into your pocket.
  • Get A Screen Guard: Well yes, there is corning gorilla glass 1,2,3 maybe even 4. But am not sure you will be willing to let your phone fall face flat just to really see how strong your screen is. It’s always a nice idea to get a nice screen guard. To prevent your screens from cracking and scratching. Well, be careful when selecting a screen guard,as some of them can do more harm than good and make the screen very unresponsive. Always go for thin layer screen guard, they are always a bit more expensive anyway.
  • Check For New Updates: You surely don’t want to fall too behind,and chances are that the phone you purchased was released at least 6 months ago. Check for new software and security update and bring your phone up to speed and for better user experience.
  • Disable Bloatware/Unwanted apps: Just to begin on a clean slate,go through all the default phone apps that come with the phone and make up your mind on the ones you wouldn’t be needing, go to Settings>>General settings>>Application Settings and have a look and disable the ones you would not be needing. Most of the default apps work in the background and take up RAM space.

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