6 Ways To Increase Your Laptop/Computer Speed

Every Pc wouldn’t have same operating system and the performance wouldn’t be the same, sometimes ago I am tired of my Notebook because its damn slow while I’m operating it most especially when I’m on an important work, in that case i try to figure out what might have cause it and get it solved which I’ll be listing the best 4 ways to speed up your computer system.

Do you have a Pc that is not maintained regularly, its performance is bound to decrease with the passage of time. Many thought visiting a computer shop is the only solution to improving a computer performance.

No, it is possible to improve your computer’s performance yourself, and here is the perfect guide to improve a computer speed.

Ways To Increase the Speed Of A Computer

1. Power Option: It comes to my surprise when i detect that Power Option is the cause of my Notebook sluggishness because I’m using a power saver plan, this might also be the cause of your system slow operation, just right click on the battery icon on the tray and select power plan then change to high performance, but note that when you change this finish remember to reduce the brightness but don’t let it fade like that of power saver.

2. Free Up Disk Space: This is done by deleting garbage files and removing unused programs from your computer. Empty the recycle bin, remove Windows temporary files. Uninstall Programs that you no longer use.

3. Removing Unnecessary Files/Software: This somehow related to Point No.2, there are some system software that install additional software which are of no use and this might cause your system performance slow, and unused files, such as images, folders, files are recommended to be deleted.

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4. Clean Up your Registry: Cleaning up your Windows registry is highly recommended and it plays a major role in increasing the speed of a computer.
Whenever a program is installed / uninstalled in a computer, a new entry is added to the registry and as time goes on a huge amount of unwanted and invalid entries would have dotted in it and as the result steps down the speed of the computer.
To do this you need a commercial registry Cleaner like Pc Health Advisor as Windows does not provide any in-built tool for cleaning the registry.
So it is highly recommended to clean up your registry on a regular basis in order to improve the computer performance.

5. Regular Scanning: This is also recommended to be done at least every week, because there are some virus that could not be detected while the anti-virus is running in the tray not until you scan your system before it could be detectable.

6. Remove Unwanted Programs from Start-Up: To remove unwanted programs from start-up type msconfig in Run dialog box and hit Enter. And in the System Configuration window, go to Startup tab and Uncheck unwanted programs that you wish to remove from the start-up programs.

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