Breaking!! Iphone 7, 7 Plus Arrive UAE

Dubai – Apple’s long-expected new
smartphones iPhone 7 and 7 Plus hit the
United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) market on
Saturday, causing a sensation among
In Dubai, the new devices were sold out
shortly after the sale began.
An Apple salesperson told newsmen that
Apple sold “100 percent of our stock” within
minutes at its official stores in the UAE.
However he did not reveal the exact sales
number on the release day in the country.
Hüseyin Celik, an entrepreneur from Turkey,
said his family started queuing from four
o’clock in the morning and bought five
However, his son Omar was a bit disappointed
because he did not get the iPhone 7 Plus,
“which is quicker when using the App Store.”
Mohammed, an Emirati businessman, also
expressed his frustration at failing to buy a
new iPhone.
“I pre-ordered seven devices, but just
because I came after 8 am, I have to wait
until tomorrow,” he said.
Security officials said that some customers
started queuing as early as 10 pm on Friday
while many of them even slept in front of the
Apple stores.
According to the UAE’s Telecommunications
Regulatory Authority in Abu Dhabi, residents
own an average of more than two mobile

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