Code Behind One Of The Worst Cyberattacks Is Now Free And Available Online

i really wonder how those bad sharp guys will feel about this or let me say they still have other means to keep pushing, the question is, is it good to hack? is obviously not cool but this guys don’t want to rest and think of a better way forward.
fears is all over town now
FEARS that criminals will be able to launch more damaging online attacks after smart home devices targeted.

Hackers could use the code to launch damaging cyber attacks
Security experts have warned about a possible rise in cyberattacks after malicious code was leaked online.
The code, which was used in one of the largest online attacks ever recorded in internet history, can target websites and connected smart devices, knocking them offline.
Experts now fear that the release will allow hackers to launch more attacks at products, homes or organisations all around the world.
Hackers could target homes and businesses using the code
The code, nicknamed ‘Mirai’, look to
attack smart devices around a home or business, targeting products such as thermostats, webcams and smart televisions that are secured with weak passwords.
These are then pulled into a botnet network set up by the hackers to target and bombards victims with huge amounts of internet traffic.
Such assaults, known as Distributed Denial of Service attacks, are able to take even major websites offline.
Those who have their devices hijacked into the botnet network will also see huge reductions in their connection speeds.
Research out today from Norton by Symantec found that European countries are increasingly being used to power these botnet networks.
It found that the UK was the seventh most bot-infected country, when looking at total bot population.
London was found to host the majority of affected devices, making up 19 per cent of the UK’s total, with Sheffield and Oxford ranking second and third respectively.
Users can ensure they are protected by setting strong passwords and keeping their devices updated
Overall, Turkey took top sport, making up 18.5 per cent of EMEA’s bot population and 4.5 per cent of the global total.
Norton is now recommending that users with smart devices use strong and unique passwords to secure their products and Wi-Fi networks.
Customers can also ensure they keep their devices updated with the latest firmware upgrades, and avoid any unverified apps from unknown sources.

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