Google Introduce Blazing Wifi System

Cellular networks being what most people are going in many years ago.Let look after it,being offline is something most people can’t avoid, even me.

Today am informing you that Google as design a new connected WIFI system with fast signal.

Some of us have WIFI in our homes,restaurant,work etc using a reuter,but using a single reuter will be difficult to send signal to every area in your home’s which could cause slow WIFI,so connect your Google-WIFI point in every area of your home.

As we browse and download in high bandwidth every single day,so for that reason you should have your Google -WIFI for perfect WIFI all over your home’s.

Google-WIFI is cost $129 for a single pack and $229 for 3 pack when it is release in November then will be available in Google Store,Amazon,Best Buy and Walmart

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