Is this how we are going to Bury ntel network?


Is this how we are going to bury ntel just like mtel? Mtel died a long time ago and ntel was revived a few years ago, and now its somehow or maybe about to or have already gone into oblivion.

Subscribers are complaining bitterly, site has been down for exactly one month and now all we see is we are under maintenance, coming soon.


I’m beginning to think maybe the cheap data Wawu (N1000 for 12GB has come to an end), and thus affecting their system. Subscribers have recharged their lines but just couldn’t get their desired package.

Their twitter handle is so dormant, full with lots of depressive complaints and the question is, have they gone into oblivion like Zoto?

Those of you using ntel like R&Bmusic, have you been able to find a way around it?

What is the way forward?


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