[Latest] Google’s New Launcher for Nexus Likely to Ditch the App Drawer

Google is reportedly working on a revamped launcher for the upcoming Nexus devices. The new launcher seems to have ditched the app drawer and instead the apps can be accessed by simply swiping up. The search bar is also expected to undergo a change in both designand functionality.

Google Launcher has remained largely unchanged for quite some time and it is now that Google might be readying a revamped
launcher. Sources from Android Police have reported that the revamped launcher is most likely to make it on the 2016 Nexus smartphones

The screen grabs showcase the changes in thelauncher and if you are a regular Google Launcher user it won’t be difficult to spot the
differences. First things first, Google seems to have ditched the app drawer icon and now the
apps will take refuge in a “frosted glass” section alongside other icons that reside on the bottom of
the home screen. Also, the number of icons on the bottom of the home screen has been increased to
five in the absence of the app drawer. In order to close the drawer, one could simply swipe down anywhere on the screen or hit the back button. The search bar has also been redesigned.

The Google Search widget has also been ditched in favour of a calendar widget which comes with
a pull tab. A Tap on the G button will trigger the launch of the search bar and in all likelihood,
Google might further integrate the upcoming “Assistant” into the launcher. All the changes seem to be in line to accommodate the Assistant and the features it would come with. Another interesting tidbit is the option to turn off Google Now in the settings menu.

Also, it is most likely that the new navigation button for the Android Nougat will feature the flower home button and is might eventually retire the big search widget for something smaller and
more intuitive.

Although not all of these changes might make it to the final build it is still evident that Google is
revamping the launcher for good. Considering the pivotal role of Google Assistant, it is only fair to
assume that the new launcher will be designed to house the Assistant in an efficient manner. That being said, it would definitely take some time for all of us who love the Google Launcher to get used to the new, especially without the app drawer and the traditional search bar.

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