Ntel Starter | Standard | Monthly 4g Data Plans Review And Subscription Codes

Do we have some Ntel users in here? I know we do, even if we don’t, sooner or later, we shall have some. So, am sharing some ntel plans today and how to subscribe to them. All Ntel plans are 4G data plans so if your phone is not 4G enabled like these Tecno android smartphones and the ones I’ll list below, then you are not eligible YET.

Don’t get scared though because Lots of 4G smartphones are arriving Nigeria’s shores as we speak though I still long for that day when we start producing ours no matter how crappie it may be.

Unlimited Nature of Ntel 4G Data Plans

Am sure you must have heard that these data plans are actually unlimited meaning, no matter how much you use them, you will not exhaust them? It’s not as it seems. Even though Ntel chooses to call them Unlimited plans, they are in fact, Limited but only limited with style.this is what I mean…
when you subscribe to any of the Ntel 4G plans, you’ll be able to use it as you wish at a very good speed until you clock 3gb! Once that happens, you don’t get disconnected but your Internet data transfer speed will be slashed
Yeah, this slow network speed is as bad as it seem say dear. All the way from the several mb/sec to just 512bps. What? Ntel must be crazy with that one, at that point, you’ll be looking for your mtn Sim. I think this is where they messed up but they claim it’s necessary and they tagged it Fair usage policy

They claim that their plan is not for commercial purposes. To that, I say… Nothing at the moment.
Let’s sit back and watch how people will criticize their network when they get things going.
Don’t take it the wrong way, people will always criticize what they don’t like about their network. It’s normal

List of the Ntel 4G Data Plans
Here are the plans that Ntel has made available.

1. Ntel Smart phone starter is the simplest of all the data plans with the lowest data caps. It’s also the cheapest data plans to on Ntel!
So if you wanna test the speed and awesomeness of Ntel plans, you’ll have to start with this one and maybe climb up to larger data plans.

The Ntel smartphone starter is indeed for starters

Features of Ntel Smartphone Starter plan

– unlimited data access until you clock the 3Gb

– unlimited SMS, sounds cool but only in the days of no whatsapp!
– 30mins voice call, very cool indeed considering they don’t chop off your airtime when you want to make actual calls.

Ntel smartphone starter plan is valid for 3days and it costs just N1,000.

I like it myself but for the duration.

2. Ntel Standard plan

This is the second. I hate the name that Ntel gave it. Sounds mean and kinda dry. The standard plan also has similar features as the one above.

Features of Ntel Standard Plan

– unlimited data access

– unlimited SMS

– 70mins voice call

Ntel standard plan is valid for 7days & the cost of the Ntel standard plan is just N2,400.

I think this is worse than the other one.
I mean, why tease people with free calls when you can make more than 20 minutes call on Mtn with just 100 naira in mtn pulse ?

The last but not least, in fact the biggest dog on Ntel data plan list is the Ntel monthly data plan! . It has the driest name. I feel like crying. Thought these guys are coming to show Mtn and the rest the way forward. Let me not be too dramatic…

3. Ntel Monthly plan lasts for a month as you’ll expect and that’s all except of course for their normal free call minutes. This one has a large gap than the rest and looks real cool.

Features of Ntel monthly Data plan

– unlimited data access

– unlimited SMS

– 300mins voice call

And the Monthly plan costs N9,000. That’s quite some money considering a good percentage of Nigerians won’t ever bring that amount out to subscribe.

And guys, that’s it for the Ntel Data Plans, all of it that I could find. As for the subscription codes, they are not yet available but be rest assured that I’ll share them here once they’re out

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