Season of Surprise”: Dial This Code For Your Own Surprise

Hello ladies and gentlemen, MTN is currently surprising customers with what they termed #SeasonOfSurprises #Just4U

The Surprise package is different for different persons. That is, what John gets might be different from what Yusuf gets. You see, it depends on your luck.

There are so many surprises #Just4U this season to enjoy more value for browsing calling and texting. To see your surprise, simply dial *142# on your MTN line with any phone whether Android or not. Once you dial that code, you will see & get your own Surprise.


In my own case, i was given 1.5gb of data with just N500

Yours can be in data form, call credit or SMS form. So it depends. It’s actually a package that subsidizes the regular price of so many mtn packages. Dial and tell us what you get by commenting via the comments box below.

Surely, It’s the #SeasonOfSurprises!

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  1. gafar says

    I love this site

  2. Rapman says

    it work for me with to many surprice

  3. Jonjay says

    Bros tank so much this trick work make u na 5nd beta trick o o me a no wan spoil my siM

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