Weekend Poll: Will you be getting one of the new iPhones?


I quite understand about 90% of our blog visitors uses Android phone and will rather stick with an Android device than to get an iPhone. Yet, the remaining 10% makes use of iOS and would rather stick with it than get an android device.

Some completely move from iOS to Android and vow never to go back to iOS again. Was reading through a popular forum sometimes last week where I stumbled on a post the OP strictly criticized iPhone and vowed never to go back to it again.


iOS is great, considering the newly launched iPhone Xr, Xs and Xs max dictating the new phase of technology. The iPhone Xr will go for N269,640; Xs goes for N360,000 and Xs Max goes for N396000.

So we would like to ask you if you’ll be picking any of the latest releases of iPhone, Xr, Xs or Max? Let us know via the comments.


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