How To Hack Mitrokit Hotspot: Kwasu Wifi As A Case Study

Mitrokit hostpot hacked: Hackers have been trying to hack Mitrokit hotspot but most often the method used to hack the hotspot is not easy.

Firstly what is Mitrokit Hotspot or Router:

The primary result of MikroTik is a working framework in light of the Linux portion, known as the MikroTik RouterOS. Introduced on the organization’s restrictive equipment (RouterBOARD arrangement), or on standard x86-based PCs, it transforms a PC into a system switch and actualizes different extra elements, for example, firewalling, virtual private system (VPN) administration and customer, data transfer capacity forming and nature of administration, remote get to point capacities and other regularly utilized elements when interconnecting systems. The framework is likewise ready to serve as a hostage entry based hotspot framework.

The working framework is authorized in expanding administration levels, each discharging a greater amount of the accessible RouterOS highlights. A MS Windows application called Winbox gives a graphical UI to the RouterOS setup and observing, yet RouterOS additionally permits get to by means of FTP, telnet, and secure shell (SSH). An application programming interface is accessible for direct access from applications for administration and observing.

Did you know you can login a mitrokit powered wifi with a username and password twice despite all the security parameters?

Follow us promptly to use a username twice
This tutorial is written by Jedix…Dont copy without giving credits to me or…


  • Just try and get a username and password of an active user of mitrokit.
  • Connect to the wifihotspot with your device.
  • Go to the login page

STEP II: using KWASU hotspot as a case study

  • A student username in KWASU looks like :11/85AL/001

The “11” represent the year of admission, the “85” represents College code, why “AL” represents department. 001 represents student serial number.

  • To use 11/85AL/001 twice, One user will have to use 11/85AL/001 why the other will use 11/85al/001.
  • That is, why one user use capital letter “AL” the other use small letter “al”

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  1. WHITE-HAT says

    kudos to JEDIX

  2. Kraang says

    I was able to login with my mikrotic username and password, on two different laptops, with psiphon vpn at the same time.

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