[live Story] My Money Making Venture With Mmm

[live Story] My Money Making Venture With Mmm

I am finally I am giving MMM a chance to see how they really work and how a student like me can earn some cool money from them!

A few weeks back, I can still remember deleting some threads about MMM and openly countering those that were talking about it here in the forums but you won’t blame me much cos, I was working on the data I got from some south African blogs.

According to the trends on Realwaparz.com whatsapp groups,Most of our fans believe MMM is a scam business that has duped so many people in S.A and now, they are in Nigeria. I thought they were here for the same reason. While I could not do anything further to verify the validity of the negative MMM review I read on the blog, I chose to be on the safer side in this case but trust me, when it comes to things like this, the safer side sucks, you may enjoy it for a while but eventually, it may not be so cool again!

Actually, my change of heart was influenced by something and it’s the way my friends here in school are talking about the whole thing.
Just this morning, i was going through some work in the common Room when a good friend of mine who happens to be a (or is it “an”) MMM member was speaking with his sponsor over the phone about MMM. As I deduced, he has already joined and is in the run of making some cash by Just depositing money into someone’s account!

As you can easily guess, I hardly know anything about MMM. Thereafter, I went for my lectures and met another Small Boy – Big time businessman friend of mine who’s already getting constant bank alerts on a daily basis following his involvement with some other Networking businesses.
He was equally planning to start the MMM business and that’s the when I knew its time for me to join the league! Given the way our country is right now, I don’t know how its really going to work but am trusting in God that it works out fine. Am going to source for more information and will update you on my journey with MMM!

Stay tight and drop your comments.
If you have any tips or you are advanced with MMM, I will appreciate your help, kindly say what you know about the network in this thread.

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