MUMMY! MUMMY!! MUMMY!!! I shouted at the top of my
voice after opening my compound gate, NTA broadcast it
yesterday night that May/June 2011 West Africa Senior
Secondary Certificate Examination Result is.. My dad gave
me two thousand naira to buy result checker scratch card
and use part of the money for printing, he told to print four
copies.. I prayed throughout that, my prayer point that night
was Lord the least grade I want is c5.. I woke up late that
morning, I quickly dash to bathroom, brush my teeth and
took my bath, I went to mummy’s room, I did not meet her
indoor, i look for her around the compound, still cant find
her, I’m about giving up, when I remember have not check if
she’s in kitchen, finally I found her the kitchen/
Me: Good Morning Ma “I PROSTRATED”
Mummy: Morning Dear, Bawo Ni Night EH ? “0Means; How
was Your Night ?”
Me: Fine ma..
Mummy: Where To ?
Me: I’m going to Cafe Ma, I want to go check my Result.
Mummy: Why not Wait till noon?
Me: No ma.. A lot of Candidates we be checking theirs too
this morning, so I have to get there very early.
Mummy: wait let me dish your food then
Me: I’m late mum. Bye
I dash out of the building, I stopped a Bike Man(Okada)
immediately I stepped out of the building.
Bike Man: Where Are going too ?
Me: Oxygen Cafe.
Bike Man: Give Me 200 naira
Me: Mtcheew!!!!!, Why You No Collect Two Thousand
Naira ?
Bike Man: I go collect am, if you give me Na.
Me: See oga, the most I can pay is One Hundred Naira.
Bike Man: Pay 150 Naira.
Me: You fit dey if you no dey collect 100 Naira.
Walking away from him, he called me back and said, I carry
you because you be my first customer today.. Don’t worry
you make more money today I replied sarcastically.
In less than Fifteen Minutes, We have gotten to the Cafe.. If
you See Crowd, you go fear, the thing be like Crusade..
Luckily for me I saw Anita, she left my school Two Years
Ago, I heard She Traveled to Lagos.. I saw her first but I
pretend as if I don’t know her.. Olaaaaa she screamed and
jump at me,
Me: Hi.. Anita Whats Up ?
Anita: I’m good.. You looking good I must confess.
Me: you ain’t bad too dear.
Anita: You here to check your result ?
Me: you are right, but its like I will have to come back.
Anita: Why ?
Me: Haven’t Eaten, and I cant wait for these Queue.
Anita: I we help you, but
Me: but what ?
Anita: My Birthday Party is coming up this weekend, I want
you to be my Special Guest
Me: That’s quite difficult oh, but how are you goona Scale
through this Crowd ?
Anita: My Uncle Owns here, Are You Coming or Not ?
Me: I will try..
Anita: Thanks Dear, Bring Your Details, the scratch card is
500 Naira
Me: How Much is Printing ?
Anita: 10 naira per copy.
Me: print five copies
I gave her a thousand naira note, I sat under a tree outside
the cafe waiting for her, some are smiling after coming out
of cafe, while some are frowning, some even went to the
extent of crying. I was praying silently When I felt a tap on
my shoulder.
Congrats was the first thing Anita uttered before give me my
change,she later show me my result.. Wao!!! I screamed I
had 4A’s , 3B’s , 1C5 And 1C6..
Me: Anita I gat to go, I’m too happy to be standing here.
Anita: You did not even ask about my own result ?
Me: I’m bad, I’m sorry.. How was it ?
Anita: it was fine.
Me: thats good.
I hug her and was about leaving the spot when she said Ola
you did not even ask for the address..
Me: I’m sorry.. Give me your number let me flash you, then
you forward the address through Sms.
Anita: Ok.. 0806*******
I saved her number and flashed her before leaving the cafe.
Good bye I muttered but she replied with see you on
Saturday instead.
Tope shut me up from her room..
Tope: Oga Shut Up, Mummy is Around.
Me: Mtcheew, is that why you are shouting..
I ignored her, I went to the kitchen to get my food..
i slept off after eating, I ate on the bed, maybe that was
what prompt me to sleep..
The sound of my Nokia 2700 jolted me back to life..
To Be Continued…

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